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Woodkid Releases New Single “I Love You”

Yoann Lemoine, an award-winning French music video director/graphic designer/brilliant musician has just released his newest installment of epic music videos under his stage name, Woodkid, with “I Love You.” He indeed was behind the directing of music videos for the likes of Katy Perry, Lana Del Ray, and Taylor Swift – but the artistry for his own music proves to be truly special. Every music video for his songs are also self-directed and they feature epic slow motion scenes, battle horns and drums, explosions, monsters, and so much more thematic drama. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the music videos for “Iron” or “Run Boy Run”, you’re missing out (all videos posted below). Woodkid’s talent is multi-fold, his outstanding video direction as well as ingenious musical penmanship make him one of the true modern heroes of art. All three music videos seem to convey a message and a story – and I’ll let you decide what you think it all means! Regardless, Woodkid’s new album The Golden Age is set to come out March 18, 2013 so be sure to obtain a copy. The long and eagerly awaited album follows his Iron EP which came out in 2011.

I Love You // Woodkid