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Concert Review: Soundclash

Two summers ago, I attended a concert in the land of the Pharos, which is where I hail from. It was one of the most memorable nights I've ever had. My closest friends were with me, the best two bands in Egypt were playing on stage, and I could feel the intensity of the other fans. The two bands playing were Cairokee and Sharmoofers, who both are from my hometown, Maadi.

Both bands rose after the revolution that occurred in 2011 and starting excelling as the years went by. Cairokee is more of a rock band, where as Sharmoofers is a musical comedy group. They have totally different styles, but both are exceptional when it comes to the message and the purpose of the lyrics. As much as I enjoy their music, it was the concept of the concert that made it an unique experience.

The concert was called "Soundclash," because both bands were on opposite sides of the hall going back and forth in a strategic manner. There were four categories on a spinning wheel. Each round is bounded by each category. For the first round, each of them sang their favorite song. For the second round, each band had to perform one of the other’s band songs in their own style. Third, they had to sing one of their songs, but as an EDM remix. For the final round, they had to have a guest artist perform. When I went home, I had lost my voice and was exhausted, but simultaneously realized how much of a blast of a night it was.