Nick Shook of Talks Raiders, Browns, Free Agency, and more on Big Red Sports Talk

Among the four (!!!!) guests on last night's Big Red Sports Talk was Nick Shook of Shook grew up a Browns fan, so he was able to reminisce about the franchise's awful quarterback history. He also previewed the team's future, especially the NFL draft. There was also some talk of free agency and the Raiders' impending move to Las Vegas. Listen below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Sports Illustrated NBA Writer Ben Golliver on Big Red Sports Talk

Among the four (!!!!) guests on last night's Big Red Sports Talk was Sports Illustrated NBA writer Ben Golliver. During the interview, Golliver talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors (obviously), as well as Devin Booker's 70-point game, and peanut butter tacos. Listen below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Album Review: More Life

More Life, the eighth release from Canadian Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter Drake, has been received with unprecedented positive feedback from the music community. Critics praised Drakes wide variety of featured artists including, but not limited too, Young Thug (Sacrifices), Quavo (Portland), Travis Scott (Portland), 2 Chainz (Sacrifices), and Kanye West (Glow). The new material broke streaming records on both Spotify and Apple Music with an initial day total of 61.3 million streams on Spotify, breaking the previous record of 56.7 million for ‘÷’ by Ed Sheeran, in early March 2017. On Apple Music, the tracks of the album achieved a total of 89.9 million streams on the day of release (not including the amount of listeners during the OVO Sound Radio debut of the album on Beats 1), setting the record of most streams of an album in a single day on Apple Music. More Life is an important development to be noted in the streaming industry as the subscriber base of both Spotify and Apple Music have nearly doubled since Drake’s previous album in 2016, Views.

Here at the Doobie our personal favorite tracks happen to be ‘Portland’ and ‘Gyalchester’. ‘Portland’ offers the traditional upbeat aggressive rapping style of Drake in addition to the catchy lyrics of Migos member Quavo, and the vocal talent of Houston rapper Travis Scott. ‘Gyalchester’ is definitely Drakes most aggressive track on the album, with straight hard hitting verses and an infectious chorus. From a macro perspective it seems like ‘Passionfruit’ has held the #1 place in audiences hearts with nearly 50 million listens since last weeks release.

It is still unclear whether Drake plans to tour this summer as a follow-up to More Life but whatever he does it is clear that Drake is currently extremely confident with what he has produced and will only be fueled to write more material after this commercial success.

From all of us here at the Doobie,


Bleacher Report's Erik Malinowski talks Warriors, Cavs, NBA on Big Red Sports Talk

For last night's Big Red Sports Talk, WDUB sports director Alex Kaufman chatted all about the NBA with Erik Malinowski of Bleacher Report. The two discussed peanut butter and jelly, the impending NBA Finals rubber match between the Warriors and Cavs, and more! Malinowski even previewed his new book, Betaball, which is available for pre-order on Amazon. Listen below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

WTAM 1100's Glenn Forbes Talks Cavs, Indians, and Whit's on Big Red Sports Talk

With the Cavs on the All-Star break and the Indians reporting for spring training, it's a great time to analyze the state of Cleveland's sports teams. Sports director Alex Kaufman talked with WTAM 1100's Glenn Forbes about both teams, and there was even a conversation about Whit's! Listen below and don't forget to subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Yahoo Sports NBA Writer Dan Devine on Big Red Sports Talk

Sports director Alex Kaufman talked a lot of NBA with Dan Devine for last night's Big Red Sports Talk. Devine, who covers the NBA for Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie blog, talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers, the trade deadline, and plenty more. Listen to the interview below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

CBS Sports Writer John Breech Talks NFL on Big Red Sports Talk

A Cincinnati native and Miami (OH) University graduate, CBS Sports' John Breech knows his way around a gridiron and around a 5-way. On last night's Big Red Sports Talk, Breech gave his two cents on Cincinnati chili, the Super Bowl, and plenty of other NFL news. You can listen to the interview below. Tune into Big Red Sports Talk on Friday nights from 7:30-9:30 and subscribe to full show podcasts on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play!

New York Times Bestselling Author Jeff Pearlman Talks About His Career and Gunslinger, a Biography of Brett Favre

New York Times bestselling author Jeff Pearlman has written seven books, most recently Gunslinger, a comprehensive biography of legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre. In the interview, which you can listen to below, Pearlman talked about all of his books and his illustrious career. Tune into Big Red Sports Talk on Friday nights from 7:30-9:30 and subscribe to full show podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Big Red Sports Talk

Mike Fisher has had a distinguished sports media career in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As his Twitter bio tells you, Fisher is a Dallas Cowboys insider for 105.3 The Fan. He also writes for and During the interview, Fisher talked about the Cowboys (obviously), Skip Bayless, strawberries, and why he won't be watching this weekend's AFC and NFC Championship games. Listen to the interview below, don't forget to tune into Big Red Sports Talk on Friday nights from 7:30-9:30 eastern. You can also subscribe to full Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Marc Sterne '91 Interview on Big Red Sports Talk

On last night's Big Red Sports Talk, sports director Alex Kaufman debuted an interview with Tony Kornheiser Show producer Marc Sterne. A Denison graduate (class of 1991), Sterne had plenty of great anecdotes about his time atop the hill, his work on the Tony Kornheiser Show, and even shared some spot-on impressions. Listen below and be sure to subscribe to full Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play!

Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver Talks NBA

With the NBA season still in its infancy, sports director Alex Kaufman dialed up Sports Illustrated writer Ben Golliver to talk about all of the early-season storylines. Golliver talked about the Cavs, the Warriors, the other 28 NBA teams, and even some of the effects the Presidential election might have on NBA players. Listen below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Big Red Sports Talk Interviews International Basketball Journalist David Pick

David Pick is the Euroleague's Adam Schefter. He breaks all of the important news in international basketball. Sports director Alex Kaufman talked with Pick about his career, former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt, and other Euroleague news and notes. Listen below and be sure to subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play!

Big Red Sports Talk Interviews Bobby Marks of Yahoo Sports' The Vertical

Is it basketball season already? On last night's Big Red Sports Talk, sports director Alex Kaufman interviewed Yahoo Sports' The Vertical's front office insider Bobby Marks, who spent 20 years with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, including five as their Assistant General Manager. We talked about Marks' career, the NBA's recent cap spike, and previewed the new collective bargaining agreement. Listen to the interview below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play!

Gus Ramsey Interview on Big Red Sports Talk

Emmy-winning producer and coordinating producer Gus Ramsey spent two decades at ESPN, working on a bevvy of studio shows at the Worldwide Leader. Sports director Alex Kaufman talked with Ramsey about his career, his current work as a talent coach, his former boss George Bodenheimer '80, and his friendship with HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons. Listen to the interview below and subscribe to Big Red Sports Talk podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Big Red Sports Talk Interviews Skip Griparis AKA Monte the Color Analyst from Major League

With the Cleveland Indians in the World Series right now, the entire city is happily reminiscing about Major League, the 1989 cult classic that saw the fictional Indians win an American League pennant. For that reason, sports director Alex Kaufman decided to reach out to one of the movie's most memorable characters.

Skip Griparis is a comedian, impressionist, and musician from Illinois, but he is also known for his only movie role, as Monte in Major League and Major League II. Monte is the color commentator who was always short on words. While Griparis enjoys being known for the role, he also has plenty of stories and memories as a touring musician and successful impressionist. Griparis shared plenty of stories during the interview, which you can listen to below.

Tune into Big Red Sports Talk on Friday nights from 7:30-9:30. Don't forget to subscribe to full show podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Korbee Interview

The Doobie's PR Director, Jess Ensley, sat down with Korbee at Thirty One West to discuss inspiration, touring as a couple, and Columbus' Harmony Project. 

Jess: You’re described on your website as “Coldplay meets Fleetwood Mac.” Is that where you pull inspiration from and where else do you get inspiration?

Tom: That’s just like the starting point I would say for our inspiration. We both grew up kind of listening to similar and also vastly different music. I listened to Motown and I’m also a huge fan of Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Bon Jovi. I should have been born in New Jersey.

Jenn: I grew up listening to Patty Griffin and the Indigo Girls and that sort of folk sound. My dad was a camp director, so my life was spent around a campfire with an acoustic guitar. We mesh all of that together with all of the electronic vibe that’s going on everywhere and our singer-songwriter based music. It’s been really cool.


Jess: I saw you guys have been working on your debut album, which is exciting. You’ve released the single “Hey Child” from it. Is that sort of “feel good” sound what you’re going for with the whole album?

Tom: Yes. It’s a very happy record... so far.

Jenn: It wasn’t even on purpose. That’s just the way we’ve written over the last six months.

Tom: A lot of what we’re doing on this tour is a lot of what the new record is going to be. We’re testing out a lot of this new material, along with “Hey Child.” “Hey Child” is kind of the anchor of this record.

Jenn: “Hey Child” was really that moment. When we finished it, we were really taken aback. Number one, we were like “this is either awful or amazing.” I mean, as a writer, you feel that way a lot. “Hey Child” really catapulted us on this journey of that kind of sound.


Jess: Do you guys have an idea of when the new album will be coming out?

Jenn: It should be 2017.

Tom: We’re hoping for mid to late spring.


Jess: Nice. I’m excited! So, where are you guys from and how did you meet?

Jenn: I’m originally from Wisconsin.

Tom: I’m from Cincinnati, so just down the street. We met in college.

Jenn: Yeah we went to the Cincinnati Conservatory for Music. We did a show together at school, so that’s really how we started working together.


Jess: That’s cool. Is it challenging for you to go on tour with your significant other? Have you run into any problems with that?

Tom: No! That’s the reason we did this whole thing. One of the big reasons that we became this duo is because we were both doing our things separately. Jenn had some music going on her front and I did the same thing. She was going to have to go off on her tour and I was going to have to go off on mine. We would just be ships passing in the night and that’s not what we wanted in our lives. We were always singing and writing together anyway. We just looked at each other and were like, “duh this is obvious.”

Jenn: Also, no one was doing the duo thing in this space. There are a lot of singer-songwriter country and folk duos, but doing it on this big of a scale is something no one was doing and it was really unique. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before. Like Tom said, we always collaborated on everything whether it was for me or for him and once we said “okay let’s do this in a duo way,” it just started flying out of us. It started to really work.


Jess: How long have you been touring together? This is pretty new, right?

Tom: Yeah this tour just started. This is week three or four of this tour. The first thing we released was 2012 or 2013.

Jenn: But this is our first headlining tour that we’ve been on. It’s been really exciting.


Jess: You’ve talked about this a little bit, but do you think that your relationship has impacted your music at all or that music has impacted your relationship?

Jenn: That’s a really good question. No one ever asks the second half. Totally. Tom and I really connected in the beginning because of music and we collaborated really well and really inspired one another and really brought out the best in one another. I think that’s only continued. I think we’re doing our best writing and our best everything now. It just keeps getting better and better. A lot of people ask how we work together. What’s funny is, I think any relationship, you create a dynamic of respect and of openness.

Tom: You know, because our relationship started as a working relationship, and then it moved past that, it’s good when we’re writing together and then it’s good when we’re not. At this point, I don’t know how we separate the two. Which is great because it would be one thing if we wrote a cool song and then went home to other people and we’d have to tell somebody else, “I wrote this great song today!” We just get to be like “we wrote this great song today!” and celebrate it. And then if we’re struggling with something in a song or in our careers, we’re both doing it..

Jenn: Well, I also think that we spend so much time working together that we’ve ironed out a lot of personality differences and the ways that we deal with challenges together and all of those things. I think some couples don’t ever have the opportunity to get that far. Those experiences have helped our relationship and our relationship has helped our music.


Jess: Could you guys tell me a little bit about the Harmony Project in Columbus and what you guys are doing with that?

Tom: The Harmony Project is a really cool foundation. We got involved with them last winter. We did a show with them, which was their big benefit of the year. The whole thing was themed around our song “Loud,” which we’re performing tonight.

Jenn: We actually have a couple of the choir singers singing that song with us.

Tom: It was so funny, because they found us through YouTube, out of the blue, from something we had done with the Special Olympics. They messaged us and told us what they were about, and we were like “oh my gosh yeah we would love to do be a part of it.” And especially because it’s Ohio, I was all in. They put this huge show together. It was unbelievable. We came in and got to meet all 400 of the singers and it was nuts. We did a couple of songs with them. It was a heck of a night and they raised a good amount of money. The outreach that they have in the community and the world is just really cool.

Jenn: It’s unbelievable. Introducing people to music who would never have the opportunity is amazing.

Tom: And it’s helping communities in various ways through music. It’s not just teaching kids how to sing or getting choirs together. It’s using that to also serve the community in different outreach projects. Which is really awesome.


Jess: Cool! My last question for you guys is kind of random. If you weren’t doing music, what do you think you’d be doing?

Tom: I don’t know.

Jenn: That’s a hard question, because I think when you’re an artist of any sort, people are always like, “what’s your back up plan?” To be honest, we just never had one. I think that I could guess for days that I’d maybe be a teacher. Tom would probably be a photographer.

Tom: I think I’d be running something like the Harmony Project. I think one of our biggest missions with our music is to give it to the world and get it out there so that it can help people’s lives somehow, whether it’s small, great, whatever it is. We don’t write music for ourselves and for us to listen to in the car. We write it to impact people and help them on their journey, whatever that may be. So, I think we would both be doing something along those lines if we weren’t in music.

Jenn: Yeah. One of our main themes throughout this record and throughout everything we’ve been doing lately is empowerment. Everything is really about going, “here’s my hand and how can I help you?” The answer is you can. That’s really where our heads have gone to. It’s funny, I was saying when we write a song that’s about something or difficult or something that isn’t right in the world, or not right in our lives at the moment, for some reason, we always end up with some message that says, “you will survive. You will be able to conquer whatever you’re dealing with because that’s human nature.” That’s sort of how we’ve come to look at the world. That’s why I said that it wasn’t on purpose that this record is an uplifting and empowering record. It just kind of organically happened that way.

Tom: We need that in the world. 

Korbee at Thirty One West

“An Alluring Pop/Folk Duo. Think Coldplay Meets Fleetwood Mac.” 
Korbee, comprised of Tom Korbee & Jenn Korbee, will be headlining this Friday, October 14th at the recently opened venue 31 West, in Newark Ohio. Korbee was formed in 2013 and has since toured nationwide and worked with producers such as Mark Endert (Rihanna, Madonna, Gavin Degraw, Maroon 5, The Fray). Come Join 91.1 WDUB “The Doobie” at this special event! 

Concert Review: Soundclash

Two summers ago, I attended a concert in the land of the Pharos, which is where I hail from. It was one of the most memorable nights I've ever had. My closest friends were with me, the best two bands in Egypt were playing on stage, and I could feel the intensity of the other fans. The two bands playing were Cairokee and Sharmoofers, who both are from my hometown, Maadi.

Both bands rose after the revolution that occurred in 2011 and starting excelling as the years went by. Cairokee is more of a rock band, where as Sharmoofers is a musical comedy group. They have totally different styles, but both are exceptional when it comes to the message and the purpose of the lyrics. As much as I enjoy their music, it was the concept of the concert that made it an unique experience.

The concert was called "Soundclash," because both bands were on opposite sides of the hall going back and forth in a strategic manner. There were four categories on a spinning wheel. Each round is bounded by each category. For the first round, each of them sang their favorite song. For the second round, each band had to perform one of the other’s band songs in their own style. Third, they had to sing one of their songs, but as an EDM remix. For the final round, they had to have a guest artist perform. When I went home, I had lost my voice and was exhausted, but simultaneously realized how much of a blast of a night it was.