Denison University's Student Run Radio Station

Getting to Know Your (Student) Arists


Putting the fun back in funky, The Ha$h Slinging Sla$her (aka, 91.1’s own tech director, Jeff Stevens (‘21,) will be kicking off this event with a soaring rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” played on - wait for it - electric Ukulele. You may know him as Jeff, but get ready to see him in a brand new light (and not see him at all under his shadowy cloak) as he becomes The Ha$h Slinging Sla$her. The lights may flicker, the phone might ring and no one may be there, and even a ghostly bus might stop by, but you will certainly be floored by the magic of the performance.  


By their own description, “Jaden Richeson (‘20,) & Diego Rubey (‘19,) make the most of the default Ableton sounds by creating futuristic sound loops that layer in rich reverb and dense chordage by tapping into deep magicks of old to take you to a lo-fi 8-bit dreamworld full of chill beats to study and relax to and boppin' space jams to dance and bounce to.” By our description, this band will be an excellent addition to our Palooza line-up combining trip-hop and electronic psychedelia for a sound reminiscent of Tame Impala, recent Bon Iver and even the Pet Sounds era Beach Boys.


This punk supergroup combines two of Denison’s proudest pre-existing bands (Cozy Sweater and The Kenyon Animé Club) into one for a remarkable sound. Featuring guitarists/vocalists Sam Rice (‘19) and Dan Timmerman (‘19), drummer/vocalist Alex Hughes (‘21) and bassist Oscar Maldonado (‘19), this four piece set will be playing both classic punk-rock covers and roaring originals. They’re not to be missed.


This hip-hop duo comprised of Evan Brooks (‘20) and Hunter Lewis (‘20) is one of Denison’s most promising singer-songwriter/rap acts, with their original songs combining smart, sharp-tongued and often humorous and ironic lyrics with pleasing beats, the group has been performing together for over a year and a half. We here at 91.1 are honored to have them as part of Doobie Palooza.


Sam McPeak (‘19) will be taking the Doobie Palooza stage this May to perform his unique blend of hip-hop and electronica. A touring musician who studied at a performing arts high school, McPeak will be bringing his own style to Palooza, and we believe he will be a fine addition to the set list. He has two songs available on Spotify: “Lonely Summer” and “Backspace (Only a Matter of Time).”