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Getting to Know Your Artists (Topaz Jones)

Hailing from New Jersey, Topaz Jones’ love of music was apparent from an early age, with a musician father and an early talent. Since then, Jones has been carving his own place in the world of hip-hop, a feat in a time when hip-hop is available everywhere. But Jones has not only been able to rise through the ranks of rap, but also been able to maintain his own unique, artistic style in a time when music of all genres is increasingly pre-packaged, taking influence from his family’s encouragement, and according to one interview, the many funk albums he grew up around. With his debut album Arcade having been released in 2016, Jones has continued a steady output of singles since then including “Nectar,” “Toothache” and “Black and White,” which was released just last year. Topaz Jones will be taking the Palooza stage May 3rd and is not to be missed.