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DoobiePalooza 2016 Student Performers


Denison Junior and Doobie extraordinaire Carter Möbius, takes the stage again for his second Doobie performance that we are certain is going to be wild time. Infusing Electronic beats and trap instrumentals over his self-produced jazz scales and chords, Möbius is like nothing you have heard before. With just a year of performance experience under his belt, Möbius plans for an energizing set that will take you from the infectious house beats of the East Coast and Europe to the slow bass heavy tracks originating from the West. Be sure to keep an eye out for this longhaired hooligan bouncing around on stage and a reciprocating crowd that can’t get enough. You can listen to his DoobiePalooza set from last year below: 


Joey Aich

In addition to the other student performers, Denison Senior and long time Denison performer Joey Aich, will be taking the stage this Friday to showcase his music and talent for the Denison community. With multiple EPs under his belt, Cleveland-native Joey Aich has been a rising star in the Midwest, opening for acts such as Dub-O and Asher Roth. As he takes the stage for his final Denison performance, look forward to his high-energy music and his ever-present crowd involvement. Take a listen to his most recent EP, Aich-Files, and get ready for a hip-hop performance like no other.


Bharat Madhavan

Bharat Madhavan isn’t just your ordinary guitar player. Denison Junior and pastPalooza performer, Bharat shreds on his axe like no other. Starting his love for the guitar in his High School Band and from his renowned guitar teacher, Bharat has played with multiple bands over the years and has opened for acts such as Steve Vai. Bharat’s performances include songs such as a metal cover of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D and self written tracks in which he uses the body of the guitar as a percussive instrument and whips out licks using both hands on the fret board. We look forward to the brain melting guitar melodies that Bharat has in store for us this Friday. Watch his videos below:


Ethan Ling

April 15th will be singer-songwriter Ethan Ling’s third Doobiepalooza of his career.  A Denison student-performer veteran and Cleveland native, Ethan goes by the artist name “Heavy Boots”. He has released three EPs containing a laid-back folk sound. He is a talented and accomplished singer that brings warmth and sincerity to each of his songs. His instrumental creativity has only been increasing the past few years – so expect his performance to kick-off Doobiepalooza on the right note.

Check out his latest EP “Endings”-