Concert: The 1975 and Kid Runner

March 04, 2013 marked the day that The 1975, an Indie/Pop/Alternative/Chillstep quartet from Manchester, dropped their third EP Music For Cars (they dropped both Facedown EP and Sex EP  in 2012). Since the launch of Music For Cars,The 1975 have received lots positive feedback everywhere, and especially in America as they just played a set in this years prominent South By Southwest in Austin and subsequently began their first tour in the US. Things are looking wonderful for these guys in 2013, and rightly so. Their show last night – March 21, 2013 – at The Basement in Columbus was truly one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen.

Two of my friends and I raced to The Basement in order to get optimal standing room to see them – the whole time blaring tunes from all three EP’s and jamming along. We arrived right about when the opening band Kid Runner took the stage and they were a joy to see. Kid Runner is an Indie/Electronic band from Columbus OH and they have recently gained national attention as their song “Move” was featured in an X-Games Commercial with snowboarder Elena Hight – pretty cool right? In a Passion Pit-esque manner, Kid Runner featured catchy synth, piano, and guitar riffs to accentuate the silky voice of singer Andy Lizon. Also, auxiliary percussion in the form of bells and a floor tom that was played by almost every member of the band made it a genuinely entertaining performance. I really enjoyed their tune “Capes” off their self-titled EP. Be sure to check out the rest of their songs here and follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

After a quick soundcheck, The 1975 took the stage, immediately pleasing the ears of their eagerly awaiting audience by starting with “The City” from their first EP. Dancing commenced. Lead singer Matthew Healy interacted with the crowd after every song it seemed, thanking us and telling us that they would never forget these first shows in America. It was awesome to feel a part of their new experience and Matty conveyed his gratitude with an honest and heartfelt performance. One of the highlights of the night was when he chilled out the crowd with an alluring and powerful performance of “Woman” which consists of only himself and his guitar. Their newest and funkiest hit “Chocolate” was met with enthusiasm and Matty even stepped back from the mic during the first verse as we took over the singing. The 1975 also debuted promising songs from their upcoming album and ended their set with their hit “You”. Matty soon came out and greeted fans – taking pictures, chatting, and signing merch.

The 1975 were ridiculously amazing to see live and I highly recommend seeing them whenever you can! Matty did say they were coming back here in June – so lookout for those tickets! I cannot wait for their debut album and for these guys to gain their deserved international fame. See for yourself – below are videos of some of their songs and here are the links to their Official WebsiteTwitterFacebook, and Soundcloud.


Thanks for reading everyone! And thanks to The 1975 for a memorable night.